Post-COVID Wellness Care

Multi-specialty care and education resources to improve your quality of life and set you on a path to optimal health.”

An Integrated Wellness Family

“We are an integrated wellness family
focused on improving the physical, mental, and spiritual health of our clients through innovative technology and unparalleled accessibility.”

Primary Care Made for You

“Seeing your doctor should be safe and easy. We are on your side, partnering in quality care that is comfortable and effective. Our approach is innovative, focused on whole-person health, and always evidence-based.”

RiiiD Wellness Network

Our Wellness Center provides only the best in scientific, evidence-based methods for improving overall health.  We are physician-led and all treatments are customized to your unique needs.”

RiiiD Care at Home

We bring care to you. From physical therapy to remote monitoring of blood pressure and blood sugar, we make taking care of your health safe and convenient.

VIP Care

Partner with us for total, customized wellness. We know that every patient is unique so we tailor our care to respect your whole-life needs. You are our top priority.

Wellness & Prevention

Have access to online health, wellness training, and support groups lead by our medical team.

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Our Mission is to Provide a Technology-Driven Education and Integrated Wellness Approach to Healthcare

We seek to make premiere healthcare available to our local and global communities by harnessing the power of technology and education to provide integrated care to the whole person

Longevity Program Education


Cancer Prevention Strategies

This course takes you through practical steps to minimize your risk for cancer.


COVID-19: Separating Fact From Fiction

Video chat with our medical team wherever and whenever you need.


Intermittent Fasting & Ketosis

This course allows you to discover the most cutting edge techniques to heal your body from within.


Gut & Brain Health

Video chat with our medical team wherever and whenever you need.


Longevity: Strategies to Success

This course reviews the research data of those living in the “Blue Zones” – pocket of areas in the world where most of the local population reach 100 years old of age.


Alzheimer's Diagnosis, Treatment, & Risk Reduction

This course gives you an overview of Alzheimer’s disease as well as latest treatment options and risk reduction strategies.


Health Research Opportunities

Join us to research the latest in health and wellness, at no cost to you.


Live Weekly Health Talks

Join Dr. Trinh every Thursday 8 AM PST live on Facebook for an interactive health education seminar.

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