Ask the Doctor

As a medical researcher, community educator, and Board Certified Internist, Dr. Trinh has (almost) seen and heard it all in the field of medicine. This is your opportunity to send the doctor and his staff your questions about health and wellness.
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Although it may take us a few days, we will do our best to get to every question.  Who knows, if a question is asked often enough it may even become a subject for one of Dr. Trinh’s Health Talks!  

Please note, the opinions offered here should not be construed as medical advice and/or treatment. Any answers posted are for educational purposes only.  If you need medical attention for either you or a loved one, please seek out the appropriate medical professionals.


Cancer Prevention Strategies

This course takes you through practical steps to minimize your risk for cancer.


COVID-19: Separating Fact From Fiction

Video chat with our medical team wherever and whenever you need.


Intermittent Fasting & Ketosis

This course allows you to discover the most cutting edge techniques to heal your body from within.


Gut & Brain Health

Video chat with our medical team wherever and whenever you need.


Longevity: Strategies to Success

This course reviews the research data of those living in the “Blue Zones” – pocket of areas in the world where most of the local population reach 100 years old of age.


Alzheimer's Diagnosis, Treatment, & Risk Reduction

This course gives you an overview of Alzheimer’s disease as well as latest treatment options and risk reduction strategies.


Live Weekly Health Talks

Join Dr. Trinh every Thursday 8 AM PST live on Facebook for an interactive health education seminar.