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HyeWon “Grace” Shin, PhD has been a biomedical researcher for nearly 20 years.  She has experience in many fields of research including asthma, dementia, and the effects of ethnicity on healthcare.  She also has great experience as a healthcare entrepreneur, educator and community health advocate.  She holds affiliations with numerous educational institutions around the world including UC Irvine and KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). 

Please see the attached link for archived videos of Dr. Shin’s community talks.  Please be aware that some of these videos are not in English.  

Dr. Shin and our staff welcome your questions about medical research and the science of healthcare.
Although it may take us a few days, we will do our best to get to every question.

Please note, the opinions offered here should not be construed as medical advice and/or treatment. Any answers posted are for educational purposes only. If you need medical attention for either you or a loved one, please seek out the appropriate medical professionals.