COVID Pulmonary rehabilitation

COVID-19 can cause long term pulmonary damage, especially in patients with pre existing chronic lung problems such as COPD/emphysema.

Summary of respiratory rehabilitation and physical therapy guidelines for patients with COVID-19 based on recommendations of World Confederation for Physical Therapy and National Association of Physical Therapy.

Lung and COVID
Our treatment program includes computerized spirometry lung capacity testing to track progress and pulse oximetry to monitor blood oxygen saturation.

Pulmonary rehabilitation (respiratory physiotherapy) has the following goals:

  • Reducing shortness of breath
  • Improving lung capacity
  • Managing any respiratory complications
  • Reducing the impact of respiratory symptoms on mental health

Pulmonary rehabilitation also works to improve muscle strength and endurance through a series of exercises that include:

  • Training to adjust someone’s breathing rhythm
  • Techniques to strengthen the breathing muscles
  • Managing any respiratory complications
  • Expectoration training, which helps someone clear mucus from the airways
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