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Memory Loss?

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Many people experience mild forgetfulness at times, especially as they get older. But there IS a difference between occasional lapses in memory and brain changes that may lead to dementia, which includes Alzheimer’s disease and other related disorders.

We offer no-cost memory check-ups to help determine if you need further evaluation and treatment for memory loss.

Our brain health specialists can help you understand the difference between normal brain aging and cognitive problems that may lead to dementia. And we recommend lifestyle changes to help optimize brain health

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Think Ahead. Plan for the Future

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, the percentage of people with Alzheimer’s dementia increases with age:


Ages 65-74


Ages 75-84


Ages 85+

Even if you are not concerned about memory loss today, getting a memory loss assessment now can establish a baseline going forward should you feel the need to see if a problem is developing at some point in the future.

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