Growth Strategy

Customized Healthcare: We intend to offer individualized care solutions not possible in the current mass healthcare environment. By using our technology and integrated healthcare strategy, we will offer personalized wellness and precision medicine to a diverse clientele. For example, we can provide our chronic pain patient with treatment options other than opioid drugs, such as acupuncture or herbal alternatives typically only available in Eastern care centers. With this integration, we can pick and choose the best possible treatments – from reliable sources – to provide our clients the best possible outcomes. We are confident that this emphasis on integration and wellness will attract clients and set us apart.


Through our partnership with LIONSBERG and the IP trust, we will move to the forefront of efficient and low-cost healthcare. We seek to bring diagnosis and treatment to populations currently underserved by the existing healthcare system. Typically, healthcare and sensor technology has focused on the high-end of the marketplace (Apple). Our focus will be on opposite end of the spectrum. Through the IP trust, we will create the most affordable, efficient, highly distributable sensors and technology for the least advantaged populations around the world. The IP trust will then hold that technology in trust to distribute at the lowest cost to the greatest amount of people. While this approach has been seen in industries such as energy or telecommunications, it is shamefully rare in the health and wellness technologies. We will change this!

Connections to Research Organizations

We believe that one of the biggest impediments to growth is the isolation of knowledge due to proprietary corporate IP. RiiiD, through the IP trust will seek to connect with centers of learning and global nonprofits. By sharing knowledge we will create a growing community of nonprofits, universities, other research organizations feeding ideas into a common synergy platform. This platform will enable us to out-compete the large medical companies still working in isolation by providing the most recent integrated wellness research to anyone who can access our platform. By having invested in healthcare hubs in remote global communities, we will effectively extend that access far beyond current channels.

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