Working within the LIONSBERG Family, our goal will be the development of the whole human – building intellectual, spiritual and healthcare wellness. Together, we will construct a lifelong trajectory of human development to realize the unique potential of the individual. Our passion for wellness joined with the larger LIONSBERG community offers a unique opportunity to create a larger picture of holistic wellness and human development for each life we intersect.

LIONSBERG will eventually be populated by semi-autonomous and self-sustaining organizations linked with our common goal. Although all organizations will be working together, several will be key to the RiiiD organization.

Hanger 51(IP Trust):

A key flaw in our current R&D environment is the possession of critical intellectual property by for-profit corporations. This system inherently leads to elevated costs and lack of access to key healthcare (and other) breakthroughs that would otherwise benefit humankind. We believe that the work of scientists can be brought together and intended for the long-term well-being of humanity and rather than for the profit interest of any corporation or investor group.

A growing body of physicians believe that it is unethical to patent and make scare a breakthrough that can benefit mankind.

Our solution is to create an intellectual trust, Hanger 51, to “hold” scientific breakthroughs. This library of knowledge then becomes an open source trove of shared knowledge. This gives researchers the ability to protect their IP from the exploitation from profiteering entities, while making that IP available to like-minded individuals and organizations.

To accelerate this process, participating scientists will contribute their previous knowledge to the Hangar 51 trust. In addition, each LIONSBERG entity will contribute their individual breakthroughs into Hanger 51 where, by working in synergy with each other, they will be more powerful than any individual alone. We believe that the shared knowledge of a generation of researchers has the potential to significantly advance global learning at a pace which cannot be matched by for-profit entities working in isolation. These breakthroughs can then be used to benefit not just the creators but humanity.

Under this structure, RiiiD would encompass all direct medical and physical wellness treatments for our clients. RiiiD would participate in, or be the direct driver, for research to be contributed to the IP trust. The IP itself would become property of the trust. These factors will be used to contribute to overall Kingdom wellness sought by the entire LIONSBERG family.

This structure assumes that new IP will be unencumbered by claimants and for-profit investors from the start. Therefore, a fundraising and grant writing organization must also be constructed to protect our ability to “save” IP from outside interests.

LIONSBERG Non-Profit Treasury

A shared treasury is one vehicle that could be used to fund research destined to contribute to the IP trust. Governmental grants, community funds, and private donations could all be collected by a community non-profit. These funds could in turn be used to create unencumbered IP that can be held within the Hanger 51 trust. The Treasury can be formed as universal for the entire LIONSBERG family or in separate pieces to cover individual components of the group. For instance, a treasury specifically for integrated wellness could stand alone or inside of a larger non-profit.

Longevity Center

The Longevity Center will use education, tools, accountability, and support to help an aging population maximize their quality of life. In addition, longevity research will drive for strategies to achieve age 100 and still feel good.
Figure 2: RiiiD Activities Within the LIONSBERG Family
Figure 3: LIONSBERG Organizational Pyramid

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